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Daily Chart Trading after Five Months

Daily Chart Trading after Five Months

Daily chart trading after five months is a short resume of real time trading from January 1st 2020 until May 31st 2020 using only daily charts.

A short recap

Today is May 31st of 2020 and even if it’s not the end of the first semester, I think that it’s a good moment for an analysis of what happened, so far, this year. But, let me start with the beginning. I started the Capital Patterns tracking account on 31st January 2019. And I explained in this article Nine Months of EURUSD Intraday Trading how my first 9 months of trading this account went. Therefore, now, after another five full months of trading using only daily charts and classical charting principles I decided to take a look at what happened so far.

What is Capital Patterns tracking account?

It’s a simple MT4 real trading account. And I funded it with the idea in mind to show anyone how my trading is going. It’s simple as that. Therefore, you can take a closer look here at my verified trading results.

Five months of daily chart trading

Basically the entire Capital Patterns blog is created with all my trades during this period of time (January – May 2020). Each trade is explained in detail in an article which also has included two to three commented charts. Therefore, it means that anyone can read about every single trade that I opened in my real trading account. And to see my entire experience from the past five months. So, if you want to read my entire experience, I advise you to start with this article: How to use Capital Patterns.

Analytical articles during five months of trading daily charts

I also included in Capital Patterns blog some analytical articles after the first trimester of 2020. These articles are: Head and Shoulders Patterns 64% Win Rate, Inverted Head and Shoulders 71% Win Rate, Double Bottom Patterns 45% Win Rate and Cup and Handle Patterns 17% Win Rate. You can also find a lot of interesting articles in the Trading Blog. Easy to read articles! category.

The results after trading daily charts for five months

Let’s take a look at MyFxBook link of Capital Patterns. We’ll see that so far, this year, I managed to get a 14.24% net gain. And this, from my point of view, it’s a good thing, considering the fact that I used a 0.5% to 1.5% risk per trade. I know that there are people who might think that forex and stocks trading are a get-rich-quick scheme. But the truth is that they’re not.

Trading is very serious business

In fact trading is very serious business and it should be treated as that by anyone. In this article, I explained in detail The Reality of Forex Trading. I also know that there are traders which made a lot more than me in this period. And all I can say is that is very good for them. I’m glad that I managed to keep my loses under control and to let my profits run. I also managed to respect my rules in a very good part of the time. And most important, I managed to keep my risk low.

The results after an entire year of trading daily charts

So now, I’m curious about what will happen next and can’t wait for the end of December to see the final result for the entire year. Therefore, if you are curious too, don’t forget to follow Capital Patterns Facebook and twitter accounts. You can do it using this link for my Facebook page and this link for my twitter account. You can also sign up to Capital Patterns newsletter. You’ll get a lot of interesting insights from real time trading environment.

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