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How Did I Start Capital Patterns?

How Did I Start Capital Patterns?

How Did I Start Capital Patterns? On 31st January 2019 I decided to make the next step. After few years of trading, it was time to move on to the next level with trading. All I needed to start was a verified trading account with some verified trading results. That’s because I don’t think someone can be serious about trading without it.

This was a must. I didn’t want to be like most of the teachers or traders wanna be from allover the internet. Although, I am not even close to a teacher or some kind of guru, and I don’t have any desire to become one. Though, I think it is important to be transparent when we’re talking about trading results.

Verified trading account

I know I repeat over and over again that any trader, teacher or anyone who want to charge money for anything related with trading should be able to show verified results. This is a must. Anyone who say different it does because there’s only one obvious reason: the real, consistent, desired results are missing.

The cruel truth

There is a reason why I started this blog. And this is because I had a lot of struggle to realise some basic things about trading world. The truth behind it is that there are so many scammers disguised in so many ways in which it’s barely impossible for one aspiring trader to find out what’s the right way to follow.

Book author equals good trader?

Unfortunately not even close. When I started to read about trading I thought that if there is a book published, that author must be certified somehow. Little did I know that anyone with some money can publish a book. The reason behind it is that anyone can prove anything in a book even if the reality is different. And, especially when the author is protected by a disclaimer. So, the conclusion: anyone who want to learn something about trading need to ask some serious questions before invest time and money.

How Did I Start Capital Patterns, in conclusion?

I realised that there are only a few serious traders out there. So, all I really want is to create this diary which I really hope it’ll make a difference. And I mean not only in trading, but also in the way of thinking, approaching and evolving. All I needed to start was a verified trading account which I created on 31st January 2019. From now on, I’ll start to tell you in my next articles how exacly I did it and what happened during this period but also I’ll keep you updated in real time about my trading account evolution. You’ll also be able to permanently check this evolution using this link.

Stay Informed

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