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The Reality of Forex Trading

The Reality of Forex Trading

The Reality of Forex Trading is an article in which I’ll show you the reality as it is not shown to you by the most educators, brokers and other market participants.

The beginning

The trading industry is one of the most expansive industries in the last years. And I’m saying that because I started to see very often articles regarding the fact that the retail brokers can’t even handle the wave of the people who step in the industry. This is how huge is the influx of new joiners. You may wonder why is that? I think it’s simple. And it’s because in my entire experience of 12 years of entrepreneurship, I never saw an industry more scammed than forex and stocks trading.

Get rich quick scheme! Invest now! Make money now! And so on!

Does this sound familiar to you? That’s because you see it almost everywhere? No matter in which direction you’re looking at. You’ll see a lot of people who’ll tell you how easy they made their money in forex trading. And you can do it too.

Always ask for verified trading results!

But, the most important thing is that if you “dare” to ask them about verified trading results you’ll get a lot of different answers why they can’t show them to you. Or why you don’t need to see their results. Actually, a lot of these answers might sound logic. But, they aren’t. The main reason why you’ll not see genuine verified results is because only a very small percentage of traders are actually successful. And depending on which statistics are you looking at, this percentage is between 10% to 20%. And if you want to know how relevant is my experience I’ll tell you this: I moderate two Facebook groups with more than 200.000 members for at least 2 years.

Fifteen months of forex and stocks trading

What I wanted to show you in this article is how a verified trading account can look after 15 (fifteen) months of trading with a conservative approach. So, a conservative approach is not risking more than 0,8% to 2% per trade. I actually didn’t risk more than 0.8% to 1% per trade. That 2% was a very rare occasion, one or two times in fifteen months.

My experience in forex trading

Before I show you how my results are looking, after fifteen months of trading, I think it’s important to tell you something about me. So, I’m in this business, full time (10 to 14 hours per day, almost all weekends included) for 3 years. In this period of time, I have read more than 35 books (10.000 pages) regarding forex trading. And I also have more than 5.000 hours (yep, you read it right, more than five thousand hours) stayed in the front of the charts. And also few hundreds hours of YouTube videos and webinars. So, trust me. It was not an easy experience at all. These three years were the hardest years from my entire life. And I mean it.

Forex trading is a business

Therefore, I’m not saying at all that it is impossible to make money with forex trading. Not at all. What I’m saying is that forex trading is a business. And it’s a very serious one. My point is that most of the people join this field with the strong belief that it’s easy to make money. Or someone can simply tell them how to trade, and they’ll start to make money immediately. And I understand that this is happening, because this is the way in which this domain is advertised.

Do you really think that making money is easy?

The most important question here is: why, in this world, would someone will offer you the chance to make a lot of money in a very easy way? Or why would you expect to make money with forex trading immediately, when there’s no business in this world in which you can make money consistently in your first 3 years. Or simply put: do you think that if you read the poker rules you’ll become the next Dan Bilzerian in no time?

Think about it for a minute

An entry level experience in every company in this world is 1 to 3 years. And that’s only after you graduated from a college or a vocational school. So, you need to think about your training period too. And that’s before you even think you’re an entry level and start to make money in a very consistent way. And after three to seven years you are considered to be a mid level and so on. So, last but not least, think about the fact that the most important forex market and stock market participants are banks, hedge funds, large speculators and retail traders. And guess what? They’re all in there to make money.

Do you still think you can make money easy?

So, I’m asking you again? Do you still think you can make money from forex trading immediately or making money in forex market is that easy? The answer is that you can make money even if you are a retail trader. I know it because I saw it. But, you need to treat forex trading as a very serious business. And you need to know that this won’t be easy and will not happen over night. This is the reality of forex trading.

My verified trading results after fifteen months

Now, that I made you a short introduction about forex and stocks trading and also about my past 3 years experience, take a look at my verified trading results. Here is the MyFxBook link of my trading account.

The Reality of Forex Trading – Capital Patterns trading account after fifteen months of trading

It looks like a range trading or a rectangle pattern, right? Indeed, it looks like one. And I need to tell you that this doesn’t mean that your next fifteen months will look the same. They can look much better or much worse. Anything can happen. But my point is that you need to be prepared for everything. Now, if you find interesting what I told you, so far, you can follow Capital Patterns on Twitter and Facebook. Or even subscribe to my newsletter.

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