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Top 100 Trading Blogs for Traders

Top 100 Trading Blogs for Traders

Top 100 Trading Blogs for Traders is a very useful tool to follow if you are a trader and you are serious about it. I discovered it recently and I am amazed about it.

What is this all about?

Top 100 Trading Blogs for Traders from Feedspot is one of a kind blog because it concentrates a lot of great trading bloggers in the same place. So, this means that if you are a novice trader this is the right place to be. And to start. Therefore, all you have to do is to invest a lot of time to study before you spend some money. Just like in any other business.

Are 100 trading blogs for traders too many blogs to watch?

In my opinion the answer is clear. Not at all. In this way you have the unique opportunity to watch, follow and compare a hundred different trading styles. More over, there are very well known blogs, so you can be sure that you are following the right people.

Guess who’s on the 79th place in top 100 trading blogs for traders?

I bet you don’t have a clue, but let me enlighten you. On the 79th place is right my blog: So, what I’d really appreciate from you, is, if you would be that nice and help me to grow my followers number from Facebook and twitter. You can do it with just one click here for my Facebook page and with one click here for my twitter account. It would really mean a lot for me. And, if you wonder why I’m so exited about the 79th place is because I started my blog one and a half moth ago. So, in my opinion it is a kind of achievement.

capitalpatterns-com-top-100-trading-blogs-for-traders in top 100 trading blogs for traders

Where should I start?

Because I know how hard is it for a novice traders to start, I’ll let you know which traders I follow at this time. Also, I need to mention that this is not a paid article, so, every recommendation is made from the bottom of my heart, with no benefit in exchange. So, I’ll start with the first place in my opinion which is Peter L. Brandt blog. I highly recommend you to read it because there is a pure gold mine of knowledge. Mr. Brandt has also verified and audited results. There is the second place for Steve Burns blog. And, for the third place in my preferences is Tradeciety blog.

The conclusion

In conclusion, there are a lot of valuable trading informations on Feedspot. And, all you have to do is to go there and get as much knowledge as you can.

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