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Weekly Market Overview April 26

Weekly Market Overview April 26

Weekly Market Overview April 26 is the place where you’ll find my weekly update regarding my current positions and the developing patterns that I’m watching.

First things first

This is the second weekly market overview that I’m publishing. So, you can find the first one here: Weekly Update 20 – 24 April 2020. You might wanna check it out. And that’s because I also updated the last week patterns in today’s PDF file.

Eight patterns to watch this week

This is a busy period for trading. Therefore, at this time I am already involved with seven trades. And I’m currently watching another eight developing patterns. I know, for many traders this might be a very light number of trades. But, for a trader who trade only on daily and weekly charts this is a high number of trades. Imagine that I’m watching a hundred and two instruments. And I’m currently involved with fifteen of them. That’s kind of 15%, right?

Risk and money management

Keep in mind that the risk and money management are very important. For example I use 0.5% to maximum 2% risk per trade. And 2% I use in very rare occasions. This is a very important detail to remember when you are placing your orders.

Real time updates for weekly market overview

It is important to know that I will make some real time updates for this patterns but I will do it only on my twitter and Facebook page. Therefore, don’t forget to follow one of them or even both. You’ll can do this using this link for my Facebook page and this link for my twitter account.

How can I get the weekly update PDF file?

Considering that I’m sharing a lot of useful information for free I’d really appreciate if you could help me to grow my number of followers on Facebook and twitter. Therefore, I kindly ask you to help me do this using this link for my Facebook page and this link for my twitter account. After that, you can simply press the download button below and you’ll get the PDF for yourself.

Important detail regarding my weekly market overview

Keep in mind that in order to become successful a trader needs to find his own trading method. There is no singe successful trader who simply copy another trader. This is a fact, and with that idea in mind I highly recommend you to filter every information that you receive. And most important keep in mind that I’m also a human and I can also make mistakes.

Stay Informed

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