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Weekly Market Overview June 14

Weekly Market Overview June 14

Weekly Market Overview June 14 is the article in which you’ll find a PDF file with my updates for the next week. You’ll also find my current and past trades.

Previous Weekly Market Overview Updates

This is the ninth market overview issue that I’m publishing. So, you can find the first one here: 20 – 24 April 2020, the second one here: April 26, the third one here: May 03, the fourth one here: May 10, the fifth one here: May 17, the sixth one here: May 24 and the seventh one here: May 31. And finally, the eighth one is here: June 07. Therefore, I told you about them, because I also made some references about them in today’s PDF file.

What you’ll find inside the Weekly Market Overview June 14 PDF file?

In today’s issue, you’ll find 4 updates for my current pending orders. And you’ll find 2 charts with the positions from this week which are closed now. And 3 trade ideas and patterns for the next week. All of them are commented and explained in the slightest detail. You’ll also find the current status of Capital Patterns verified trading account. And a MyFxBook link to see a more detailed evolution and analysis of it. So, please, take your time and try to understand what I explained in there. And, if you have any question. Don’t hesitate to ask me. I’m here and open to discussions.

Real time updates during the next trading week

It is important to know that I will post some real time updates during the next week on my twitter and Facebook page. Therefore, if you don’t want to lose the updates, don’t forget to follow me. You can do it using this link for my Facebook page and this link for my twitter account.

Important detail regarding Weekly Market Overview PDF file

I want to tell you something important. The Capital Patterns blog is my entire voluntary work. It takes a lot of time to write an article, to analyse it, create the charts for it, draw each chart, comment each chart, explain each trade and so on. And, as you know, it is also totally free. Even this PDF file that I’m uploading for free, each week, it’s really hard to do. I can do it only in the 48 hours of weekend, because I need to do it after the market closes, and before the market opens. Sometimes it takes even more than 7 hours from my weekend to do it.

The titanic work behind Capital Patterns project

I don’t want you to understand that I’m complaining. Because I’m not. It is my choice and I’m happy with it. It’s like my little baby. I just want to make you aware about the titanic work behind this project. And the hardest part isn’t the work itself, it’s the fact that this project “eats” from the time that I should spend with my family.

How can you get the weekly market overview PDF file?

So, considering that I’m also sharing a lot of useful information, for free, I’d really appreciate if you could support my Facebook and / or twitter page with a follow. It really helps a lot. This is my motivation. To create a community around Capital Patterns project. Therefore, you can do this using this link for my Facebook page and this link for my twitter account. You can also subscribe to my newsletter here. After that, you can simply press the download button below and you’ll get the PDF for yourself. You’ll see that you’ll be asked for a password when you’ll try to open the file. Please, request your password for free via a message on Capital Patterns twitter or Facebook page. I inserted the password for security reasons, because I found my previous PDF files shared in different places on the internet without my consent.

Stay Informed

If you find my articles useful just scroll a bit and follow me on twitterFacebook or sign up to my newsletter for more future updates. I promise you won’t regret it!

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