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Weekly Market Overview May 03

Weekly Market Overview May 03

Weekly Market Overview May 03 is the place where you’ll find my weekly update regarding my current positions and the developing patterns that I’m watching.

Previous Weekly Market Overview Updates

This is the third weekly market overview that I’m publishing. So, you can find the first one here: Weekly Update 20 – 24 April 2020 and the second one here: Weekly Market Overview April 26. Therefore, you might wanna check it out. And that’s because I also updated the last week patterns in today’s PDF file.

What to look in the next week?

In today’s PDF you’ll find seventh new developing signals and twelve updates from my past and current positions. I included in the current positions section all the positions that in this moment are closed. And that’s because these are the positions which were open during the last week. On Friday I decided to close al my left positions into the market. Because if you’ll take a look at the charts you’ll see that many of the bullish patterns from the past week are now failed.

Risk and money management

One important thing to mention here is that in the past month we experienced an extreme volatility. It is important to keep this in mind. Because just like after the rain it comes the sun, in the exact same way, the volatility is followed by calm. Keep in mind that the risk and money management are very important. For example I use 0.5% to maximum 2% risk per trade. And 2% I use in very rare occasions. This is a very important detail to remember when you are placing your orders. For example, at this moment I lowered my positions form 0.8% to 0.5%. Because I’m expecting a lot of fakeouts in the next period. And my main goal is to protect my trading capital rather than growing my account in an unhealthy way.

Real time updates during the trading week

It is important to know that I will make some real time updates for this patterns but I will do it only on my twitter and Facebook page. Therefore, don’t forget to follow one of them or even both. You can do this using this link for my Facebook page and this link for my twitter account.

How can I get the weekly market overview PDF file?

Considering that I’m sharing a lot of useful information for free, I’d really appreciate if you could help me to grow my number of followers on Facebook and twitter. Therefore, I kindly ask you to help me do this using this link for my Facebook page and this link for my twitter account. After that, you can simply press the download button below and you’ll get the PDF for yourself.

Stay Informed

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