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What About Capital Patterns

What about Capital Patterns?

What about Capital Patterns? was founded in February, 13th, 2020. The main purpose is to signal to the reader different classical chart patterns to those who use this trading tool to find their edge in trading.

Secondary purposes of Capital Patterns

There are few secondary purposes for which was founded:

Teachers wanna be

There are a lot of teachers wanna be out there. Those who pretend money in exchange of skills and knowledge that never worked. I don’t pretend that I am a great trader or that I’m some kind of guru, but, at least I have the decency to show public my realtime verified trading results (records). Actually, in this article (click here) you’ll find exactly what is all about and what it is not.

Sharing is caring

During my experience as entrepreneur and trader, I learned the hard way that this old cliche is actually true. It also stands at the base of evolution. Without learning from the others experience I wouldn’t have been here today. I also learned that it is very important to understand how to filter all the informations available out there.

Filter the informations

It is very hard for a new aspiring trader to filter the enormous quantity of informations available on the internet. That means a more effective time management is needed when you start to learn something new. It is also crucial to stay away for the toxic knowledge which can do more harm instead of good.

Primum non nocere

Primum non nocere. (first, do no harm)


This is what Hippocrates said in one of his works. And this is exactly what every single teacher wanna be should think about when they charge money for something that they don’t actually know.

Second opinion

One of my struggles during my journey as a trader was that I didn’t have to much choices when I needed to compare my opinion with someone more experienced. In fact, after years of trading I realised that actually it doesn’t matter another opinion. And this is because the market does whatever it wants to do no matter what I or other trader think. But, until one reach a certain level of experience, it really pays to double check his opinions with somebody else’s more experienced opinion.

What about Capital Patterns, in conclusion?

I think that there are a lot more to say about ethics in trading, but to cut it short, my main purpose is to make things right. To be in a permanent learning phase, just like the markets are in a permanent evolution. To bring more transparency in this field and not in the last place: to be one of the best traders in the world.

Stay Informed

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