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What is Capital Patterns and what it is not

What is Capital Patterns and what it is not

What is Capital Patterns and what it is not is one of the most important thing you need to know when you read I like to make things clear from the beginning. In this way, any reader can find out quickly what one can expect from this blog and what not to expect.

You can’t force someone to love you

Let’s be aware about that from the beginning. If you find something that you don’t like I’ll be glad to discuss about it. The most important thing you need to know is that no-one ever got something from insults. So, I’ll appreciate if we can talk about everything in a constructive manner.

What is Capital Patterns and what it is not

I’d like to start with what is NOT:

  • a mentorship program;
  • a trading signals service;
  • a guru expert program;
  • a trading recommendations program;
  • a one-on-one mentoring program;
  • a trade alert service.

That being said we can now talk about what Capital Patterns is:

  • a diary of my own journey in the trading world;
  • a place where you can find my experiences with my own trading approach;
  • you’ll be able to witness the ups and downs from my real trading account;
  • a place where I express my own opinions about all the markets that I trade;
  • and a lot of different things that I’ll find important or funny, related with trading.

Is this blog for me?

I think that now, every reader can figure if this blog is what he ore she is looking for. So, my main focus will be to share with you the classical chart patterns that I look for, into the charts. Also, you need to know that I usually trade patterns like Head and Shoulders, Ascending Triangle, Descending Triangle, Rectangles (right angled patterns) on Monthly, Weekly and Daily timeframes. I place my orders on Daily timeframe most of the time. Although, from time to time I also use Weekly timeframe for my orders.

Trading Account details

In the moment of the writing of this article I find that the best broker from more points of view is Admiral Markets. Therefore this is why I have my account opened with them. Although you might think that I’m paid for saying that you need to know that more important than money, in trading, is your broker. So, the reason why I opened my account with Admiral Markets is because I compared a lot of brokers and they were the best at spreads, execution, support and so on. Also, they’ve been awarded several times as Best Forex Broker and CFD Broker in Germany.

You should be aware that, in time, things can change and it’s best for you to make your own research. So, if you decide to change your broker, don’t hesitate to make some digging before you do it. Also I’d like to tell you that you can find more information about my trading account if you check this article about my verified trading results.

Stay Informed

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